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Student Testimonials 
Brittany B: Great teacher.... Works wonderfully with children, one on one and talking to them with patience. July, 2012 
Gabriella T: Adriane is amazing. She gave me the confidence I needed to perform in front of other people and taught me how to sing properly without hurting my voice. She always believes in me, even if I'm doubting myself, but will let me know if she thinks I can do better. September, 2013
Josh M: I've always wanted to learn how to sing, and besides singing in the shower I had no experience. Adriane has helped me become a much better singer, even if I've only moved from the shower to the car. I would highly recommend her to anyone. January, 2014
Daniella R: She's awesome. My 12 year old loves her, and always looks forward to her piano lessons. April, 2013
Matt E.As an adult, I was nervous to take music lessons, let alone voice AND piano.  Adriane made me feel very comfortable, geared the lessons and amount of work to my skill level and ability to move forward. After 2 years, I am amazed at where I am at! November, 2013
Peter D.: I used to be intimidated by private voice lessons. Adriane has a certain way of making me feel more open and relaxed, thus I am able to spend more time learning instead of overthinking in my head. She keeps it professional, too. Highly recommend! September, 2022
Hannah C.: Adriane is a great teacher! She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Her voice coaching and breathing methods are unique and really helped me improve over other teachers I have worked with. Her lessons are educational but most importantly they are a lot of fun! I look forward to my lesson each week. January, 202
Jessica James.: She’s really patient and kind and is willing to give great feedback and advice to help you become better. As a person who thrives on feedback this has been really beneficial for me! February, 2023

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